Why You Need a Website Broker to Sell Your BusinessWould you hire a general contractor to fix a broken appliance? No, you need someone who specializes in appliance repair.  Just like that scenario, when it comes to selling your online business you wouldn’t contact a real estate agent.  You need someone who specializes in online business brokering – a website broker.

It takes specialized experience to be a website broker.  Just like a real estate agent needs to know how to properly sell and position a house, a website broker needs to have the experience and skill sets to showcase an online business and make sure it is positioned to sell.  It takes considerable Internet focused experience to be an online business broker.  At Acquisitions Direct, our website brokers have all built and managed their own online businesses giving them the experience they need to properly access and value potential listings.  In addition our website brokers have also experienced the sale of their own Internet businesses, profitable businesses sold for strong multiples.  Anyone can read a book on selling a business.  Anyone can create a website and put products up online.  But the knowledge created from creating a successful, profitable Internet business from scratch is the knowledge base you want in a business broker, the business broker you should chose to sell your Internet business.  The website brokers at Acquisitions Direct have this experience, experience that is absolutely necessary to effectively sell your Internet business at a strong sales price.

Just because a business doesn’t have a brick and mortar storefront doesn’t mean the complexity of selling an Internet business is less than selling a traditional business.  The fact is selling an Internet business is more complex and more difficult.  Our website brokers simplify the sales process and minimize the seller’s time in the sales process.  We only broker website sales where the business listed is a real business with a profitable track record of success. When we agree to list your business we do so because we truly believe we will be able to locate buyers willing and able to purchase your business at or near the listing price.  We reject many listings that do not fit this criteria.

Our website brokers are available to discuss your potential desire to sell your business and Acquisitions Direct’s valuation and sales process.  A process that is highly successful at selling Internet businesses at strong prices.  All conversations are confidential.  There is no cost or obligation for this discussion and the development of a valuation.  In addition once your business is listed, an upfront retainer is not required, our competitive commission is only due when we sell your business at or above your asking price, or at a price you are willing to accept.  If that is not the case you owe us nothing.  Contact us today to get started!

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