Internet Business BrokerWhen you decide that it’s time to sell your online business, you want the process to reach its conclusion as quickly as possible. As a result, it’s natural to wonder just how long it will take for your internet business to sell once you’ve officially listed it with an online business broker; however, it’s not easy to determine an exact timeframe, as many things can affect the speed at which your online business sells, including:

 – How strong your sales are

 – The desirability and appeal of your industry from a buyer’s prospective

 – Future growth potential of your online business

 – The persuasiveness of your sales presentation

 – The number of contacts your internet business broker has to market your business to

 – The completeness and accuracy of your financials

 – Your personal availability to discuss your business with your broker and prospective buyers

That said, the average amount of time that it takes for a company with promising growth potential and strong sales in an appealing niche is 4 to 6 months. Some online businesses will sell much more quickly, such as in a two to three months. Businesses that are struggling or that are in industries where the potential for growth is limited could take a year or more to sell.

Choosing the right internet business broker, having your financials professionally prepared to reduce the chances of errors and devoting as much of your own time as necessary to assist with the sales process can all help to contribute to a quicker sale of your business. Keep in mind that if your online broker has asked you to sign an exclusive listing agreement, he or she will be working hard to sell your online business as quickly as possible.

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