Project Description

9 year old SaaS B2B real estate transaction management company provides an affordable online transaction management and CRM software solution exclusively designed for real estate professionals. It offers a comprehensive set of features that empower these professionals to efficiently handle leads and transactions within their businesses. With a solid customer base that subscribes to the platform on a MRR model, the company has established a strong market presence.

The pricing model comprises three options, enabling customers to choose the plan that best suits their needs, with an average monthly order value of $76.   Currently, the platform has 1,400 paid users.   The business is operated from a home office, with the owner dedicating around 20-30 hours per week to supervise and manage operations.  The company has 6 full time employees.  100% of order via website.  The company recognizes several avenues for growth, including expanding PPC and SEO, social marketing efforts, building an aggressive email marketing database leveraging the existing pool of approximately 14,200 names.

The business can be operated anywhere in the world remotely.  Further provides the new owner(s) with a complete turn-key business. Owner will offer strong transitional support driven by the specific needs of the buyer and in addition will provide long term consulting if desired. Owner is selling to retire after a long career in software development and marketing.