Internet Business BrokerAfter working hard to build your online business, you deserve to get the best possible sale price on what you have built. Many Internet business owners make the mistake of trying to go it alone and sell their businesses independently. Their motivation is avoiding the fees charged by Internet business brokers, but often times, this ends up being a decision that costs them much more than what a broker would make when assisting with the sale.

Here are six reasons why you need the help of an Internet business broker when selling any online business:

1. Years of Experience
– You have expertise in your specific Internet business, but how much experience do you have selling an online business? Your customers or clients come to you because they know that you have the expertise and experience to deliver the products and services that they require. Similarly, enlisting the help of an Internet business broker means getting assistance from someone who understands the online marketplace in which businesses transact. An experienced broker uniquely understands the challenges posed by selling online businesses and how to market and position a particular online business to ensure a smooth, quick and profitable sale.

2. Developed Processes – There are a lot of steps that need to be taken to ensure the smooth sale of an online business, and even if you know exactly what needs to be done, you may not know exactly how to complete each task successfully. Where will you go to find people interested in purchasing an online business in your niche? How will you get qualified buyers to ensure that you don’t waste time with individuals who will never have the funds available to make a purchase? What will you do to ensure that your business stands up to scrutiny during due diligence? Internet business brokers already have established proven processes in place to handle these and all other steps in the sales process.

3. Expertise in Valuation – How much is your Internet business really worth? If you ask for too much, you simply won’t be able to sell your business in a timely manner, as today’s online business buyers are educated and can spot an overly inflated price quickly. If you ask for too little, you’re cheating yourself out of the opportunity to get the maximum return on the investments of time and money that you have made in your Internet business. While most buyers are willing to negotiate a price, you still need to have an attractive asking price for buyers that is fair for you. Internet business brokers are uniquely able to determine that ideal asking price to help websites sell as quickly as possible while gaining the highest possible price for sellers.

4. Established Credibility – While you may have built a stellar reputation in your specific line of business, there is a good chance that the prospective buyers for your business will be individuals from outside your niche. You will have to earn credibility in their eyes before they will begin to take you seriously and consider your business as a potentially profitable investment. An Internet business broker will already have established credibility for helping buyers find lucrative investments in online companies. You’ll benefit from their credibility and be able to focus on the other aspects of the selling process.

5. Existing Buyer Network – A good Internet business broker will already have a pool of prospective buyers that are interested in purchasing online businesses in the price range in which your company will be sold or in your particular niche. This can eliminate weeks or months of searching for applicants and then pre-qualifying them.

6. Walking in Your Shoes – Selling a business can be overwhelming and very confusing. It is wise to hire an internet business broker that can help simplify the process, one that not only speaks the language of buying and selling online businesses, but has actually owned, operated and sold an online business themselves. This experience is invaluable to the process as they know how to present to prospective buyers to increase the appeal of an Internet business and will be able to understand buyers’ questions and concerns in a way that you just might not be able to manage.

As you can see, hiring an Internet business broker to represent you and facilitate the sale of your online business is the best way to ensure that you get a fair price and that the sales process is quick and simple. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with our Internet business brokerage services.

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