Why Choose Acquisitions Direct?

Why Choose Us

  • Expertise: Acquisitions Direct specializes in selling online businesses, hybrid businesses with a major Internet component, and brands. We have over 2 decades of M&A experience in the industry.  We have sold hundreds of eCommerce, SaaS and Amazon FBA brands.  We take a boutique approach and only focus on 12-18 high quality listings at a time so that each business owner receives the benefits from our experience and attention.

  • Integrity: At our core, we uphold a profound commitment to integrity across all facets of our business. We firmly believe that, beyond the services we offer, success in business and our daily lives is rooted in the strength of our relationships, the integrity of our character, and the trust we build with our clients.

  • Wide Network of Buyers:  With over 2 decades of M&A experience we have developed a huge network of qualified buyers actively seeking online and hybrid business opportunities. This network includes individual investors, private equity firms, family offices and strategic buyers, both domestic and international. We have buyers in our network who have purchased 5+ businesses from us over the years!

  • Deal Negotiation and Guidance: We provide our negotiation expertise and guidance throughout the entire sales process to help provide you with a successful transition that meets your financial and strategic objectives.

  • Confidentiality:  Acquisitions Direct maintains a high level of confidentiality during the sales process, protecting your sensitive information.  Before any information is released on a business, a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) must be signed.  Our entire database of buyers is required to re-sign this agreement every 2 years.   We have a proprietary tool that tracks every interaction with a prospective buyer and can weed out the buyers from the lookers.

  • Time Savings:  We handle the entire sales process from start to finish.  It begins with Marketing & Advertising, Buyer Qualification, Letter of Intent (LOI) review, Due Diligence support, Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) review, and concludes with post-closing support.  We are a full-service traditional M&A firm and pride ourselves in handling the entire sales process so you can continue to successfully run your business during this sales process.

  • A Proven Track Record: Our clients’ success and satisfaction are what we pride ourselves on. Check out our testimonials & Google Reviews for proof of why we are the leader in M&A of Online Businesses!

What Our Clients Say

We contacted Acquisitions Direct in early 2021. Bob advised a lot of to properly “pack” business to get ready for sale. We did a lot of homework. During 1 year Bob introduced us to 20+ potential buyers. Please note that first point of contact was Bob, we talked to potential buyers who were checked by Bob. In early 2022 we got an offer and it took some time to sign a deal. Bob did a huge work being a middleman between sellers and buyers. He helped to negotiate better terms. Also, he advised with the legal part and found a M&A lawyers who represented us during the deal. Bob is a true professional! Highly recommended!

Gerbert, Lithuania

My experience selling my SaaS business through Acquisitions Direct was great. Their in-depth understanding of the SaaS industry and market dynamics was evident from the very start. The team was not only well-versed in the technical aspects but also adept at showcasing the unique value proposition of my product/service.  I was able to achieve a remarkable sale that reflected the true value of my business. I highly recommend Acquisitions Direct to any SaaS entrepreneur considering a sale. They are undoubtedly the go-to experts in the field.

Joseph T., Wilmington, DE

Selling my online business through Acquisitions Direct was an absolute game-changer. From the initial consultation to the final transaction, their team demonstrated unparalleled expertise and professionalism. They understood the intricacies of my business model, effectively highlighting its value to potential buyers. Their dedication and strategic approach culminated in a successful sale that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Acquisitions Direct to anyone considering selling their online business. Bob was a true professional throughout the entire process!

Tammy H., British Columbia

I opted for Acquisitions Direct primarily for their transparent approach during the valuation phase of my Amazon FBA business. Unlike some brokers, there was no aggressive sales pitch involved. Their honesty, efficiency, and a remarkably smooth sales process were evident throughout the entire business transaction. I was kept well-informed at every step and guided effectively. Despite hearing daunting tales about due diligence, my experience with Acquisitions Direct was quite the opposite – organized and devoid of unnecessary stress. I highly recommend Acquisitions Direct to anyone seeking to sell their online business.

Kabir P., Ireland

Anyone that has owned a business knows that it is a labor of love.  When it comes time to sell you want to work with a broker that will put as much care and effort into the process as you have to get it there.  Working with Bob was a great experience.  He was very attentive and made letting go of my “baby” easy and painless for me.  I would recommend Acquisitions Direct to anyone looking to buy or sell a business!

Meredith B, Ogden, UT

This was the first time I sold a business.  Initially I thought I can handle selling my business on my own but now that the business sold with the help of Acquisitions Direct, I could not imagine doing it on my own.  To me it was like receiving concierge service at a fine hotel, I did not have to worry about the details which allowed me to continue focusing on growing the business during the process.

Anthony, Cumming, GA

Acquisitions Direct came to our rescue after our previous broker let us let us down.   Our previous broker promised the world and never delivered.  Bob provided us with an accurate honest valuation and explained the sales process in detail.  Within 2 weeks a great sales packet was developed.  We got an offer on our business in less than 45 days and could not have been more thrilled.  Due Diligence was a breeze and we closed 30 days later.  I could not have been happier!!!

Glen S, Chicago, IL

I wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for all of your help throughout the process of Mat and I buying the business.  We feel like you did a good job of helping to facilitate the transaction, and while you technically were working for the seller, we appreciate the general guidance you provided to us on several occasions.  The entire transaction was handled very professionally, and we appreciate your partnership throughout the process.

Sarah O., Topeka, KS

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competitors?

  • We will never artificially inflate a listing price on a valuation with the intention of later persuading the business owner to accept a lower price, a significant promissory note, or an earn-out arrangement.  Our valuations are always based on 90% to 100% cash at close.

  • We won’t simply hand you the leads and expect you to handle the sales process. We will handle the sales process from start to finish and participate in every call and email throughout the entire process, offering our support from beginning to end.

  • We do not engage in purchasing online businesses ourselves. Instead, our commitment is to wholeheartedly work with sellers to ensure the successful closure of their businesses.  We believe in focusing 100% our efforts towards our listings.

  • We will never be the cost leader, but we are competitive based on the services we provide – We are a traditional M&A firm that manages the entire sales process, from inception to completion. If you’re just searching for a listing service, our approach may not align with your needs.

  • We exclusively represent sellers, not buyers. You can trust that there will never be any conflict of interest during the sales process. Our unwavering commitment is to act in the sellers’ best interests throughout the entire transaction.

  • Additionally, our brokerage team gained invaluable experience by conceptualizing, operating, and eventually divesting their own web-based enterprises. Our Brokers have all walked in the seller’s shoes! This hands-on involvement has equipped us with a profound comprehension of the digital marketplace and the intricacies involved in developing an online brand.

  • We have no intention of franchising our model. All of our employees possess extensive industry experience and are obligated to adhere to our ethical business model. We operate as a conventional M&A firm and believe this is the best interest of our clients.

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