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Do You Need a Broker to Sell Your Online Business?

Based on my experiences, honesty, transparency, and direct communication can dispel any preconceived notions one might hold. It's plausible that you've encountered a somewhat untrustworthy business broker and subsequently felt apprehensive about their intentions. Therefore, if you ever ask me why you should pay me to sell your business, my answer remains the same:  You shouldn't, if you can sell it yourself at its market value and in addition have the time to do so. However, this article highlights why you may need an online business broker. Most business owners I work with have never undergone the process of selling [...]

Why Use an Escrow Agent When You Sell Your Internet Business?

When an Internet business is sold, the closing process in many cases is not managed effectively; it is not facilitated in a way that minimizes both the seller’s and buyer’s risk. When a business owner makes the decision to sell a business their ultimate objective is to transfer ownership of that business to a new owner and to receive from that new owner the agreed to amount of consideration or dollars.  It’s simple, on a specific date the closing takes place and at that closing documents are signed, information is communicated, and money changes hands.  The seller’s objective is to [...]

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