Amazon is the largest online marketplace with over 45% market share of the entire eCommerce industry.  They are a preferred online destination for consumers and merchants alike.  Do you own an FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) business? Is your FBA store growing quickly and driving high-quality user engagement and revenue to your bottom-line? Are you ready to sell your FBA business?

Acquisitions Direct is a top-rated online business brokerage firm. Since 2002, we have had over 350+ successful business transactions ranging from $100,000 to over $20,000,000. Our FBA business sales experts will help you sell your Amazon FBA business.  Over the past 12 months we have averaged less than 90 days to find a buyer for Amazon FBA businesses.

We have a database of over 15,000 qualified, interested, and motivated buyers that are looking for Amazon FBA businesses to buy. These buyers are highly interested in this fulfillment model because they know the value of an Amazon FBA business. In 2022 our close rate was 92%!  We have an expert staff that truly know the Amazon FBA space and are ready to put your business in front of the right audience of buyers.

How Much is Your Amazon FBA Business Worth?

    Our 10 Step Sales Process

    An Acquisitions Direct advisor will conduct an interview with you, the potential Seller.  This helps our brokers evaluate your business to gain a full understanding of the firm’s operations. A full evaluation of the business’s products, services, pricing, distribution, affiliations, financials, competition and procedures is completed to allow Acquisitions Direct to determine the proper market value of the business. This information will assist you, the Seller with your decision regarding the listing price of your Internet business.

    We require that all Sellers execute an exclusive listing agreement which authorizes Acquisitions Direct to use its best efforts to market the Internet business and to identify prospective buyers for the business. This agreement also allows Acquisitions Direct to furnish material to the prospective buyers describing your business and introduce prospective Buyers to you. During this step we will assist you with the disposition of your business and consult with and advise on the aspects of any proposed sale including selling price, terms, conditions of sale and structure of the transaction.

    With your support, we will prepare and package the business for marketing. A professional sales presentation is developed to support the marketing efforts of our Acquisitions Direct team and a targeted marketing program is implemented to initiate the sales process.

    It’s best to start this process BEFORE a buyer is found.  During due diligence, the buyer will want to take a complete look under the hood of your operations and perform a deep analysis of your financials before sealing the deal on their potential investment.  Have these areas completely documented and organized to help ensure a smooth due diligence process and prevent any missteps in front of the prospective buyer.

    Potential buyers are located through the rollout of the customized marketing program, as well as from existing relationships with known potential online business buyers in Acquisitions Direct established database of prequalified candidates. An interview is conducted with all buyers to qualify and, if approved, a conference call is setup to introduce them to you, the Seller, for you to give a deeper description of your online business.

    If a buyer is interested in your business, Acquisitions Direct will secure a letter of intent (LOI) and/or offer to purchase (OTP) from the buyer and present the letter of intent (LOI) and/or offer to purchase (OTP) to you for your consideration.

    Time to shine! Due Diligence is where the prospective buyer evaluates your business operations, performs an analysis of your financials and has the opportunity to ask open ended questions regarding all functions of your firm. Having these documents prepared in advance will make this as easy and painless as possible. Our advisors are there to guide you and solve any open issues the buyer may present.

    After due diligence is complete, the buyer’s attorney will draft up an asset purchase agreement.  Acquisition’s Direct will send you the Asset Purchase Agreement and other needed closing documents from the buyer for your review and approval.

    Once the sale is ready to be finalized, Acquisitions Direct advisors will coordinate the parties involved with the closing. The business is then legally transferred to the new owner(s). A transition period is usually established to allow the new business owner to get acquainted with the daily procedures and get all operations established.

    You did it! Your business is sold.  During the first few weeks after closing, transitional support is often offered to help the new owner feel comfortable with the operation.  This may include on-site training, or could be as simple as a weekly conference call. The length of time designated for transitional support is decided and agreed upon prior to the closing.

    Why Choose Us

    • 92% close rate in 2022!
    • We are 100% performance based!
    • Oldest running online brokerage firm
    • 100% Internet focused, specializing in online businesses
    • Our brokers have all ran and sold online businesses

    What Our Client’s Say

    Before working with Acquisitions Direct, we had never sold a company. After completing the free evaluation, we hired Acquisitions Direct to sell our business. Bob from Acquisitions Direct quickly presented several qualified buyers and helped us choose the best fit. He helped both my company and the buyer work through some struggles to get to closing. We strongly recommend Bob from Acquisitions Direct to anyone looking to sell their online business.

    Sam L, Phoenix, AZ

    Working with Acquisitions Direct was a great experience. Bob kept the sale moving forward quickly and provided daily updates on progress. Buying a business is a difficult step and Bob was there to guide us through from start to finish. It truly was a pleasure working with the brokerage team at Acquisitions Direct.

    Jennifer M, Colorado Springs, CO

    Acquisitions Direct did an excellent job of guiding me through the sale of my business, keeping me accountable and following up on action items. The sale of my business went as smooth as any transaction I have been involved in the past. I highly recommend Acquisitions Direct Broker services!

    Cassy, Y, Jacksonville, FL