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Hunting, Tactical & Outdoor Optics eCommerce Store – $1,300,000 – SOLD

A 4-year old, niche business offering tactical optics, sights and other gun related accessories and tactical gear.  Strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain name.  Average order size is over $131.  100% of orders use a dropship delivery model.  Vendor contracts can be transferred anywhere within the U.S.  Over 85,000+ customers available [...]

Health & Wellness Brand eCommerce Business – $355,000 – SOLD

Well established 20-year-old online retailer and manufacturer of super-premium, dietary supplements for children and adults.   Average order value of $101 with 45% repeat business! Over 18,000+ customers in database.  Strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain.  Over 115+ SKUs available with 85% manufactured in house and remaining 15% sourced from [...]

Cloud Based Property Management Technology Company – $125,000 – SOLD

Established 9-year-old recurring revenue cloud-based company offering website portals for HOAs, neighborhoods, condos, townhomes and cooperatives.  The company offers a full suite of robust features to support their clients with a completely self-managed non-technical solution. The business has a very strong long-term customer base with 90% YOY retention rate since the business [...]

Lifestyle Blog & Brand Promotion Digital Marketing Company – $330,000 – SOLD

Established digital marketing company offering a collection of lifestyle brands in the Wedding, Health, Lifestyle, Family and Travel categories.  The lifestyle-related topics include advice, fashion, travel, relationships, business, fitness, grooming, and more.  The main revenue stream of the business is captured through advertorials and PR campaigns with aligned brands.  Strong new [...]

Children’s Toy & School Supply eCommerce Company – $13,250,000 — SOLD

A 10-year old Children’s Toy and School Supply Company offering over 16,000 SKUs available with 50/50 split on stocked and drop shipped items. Average order size is $65 from Website, Amazon and eBay Store. Good standing relationship with 12 suppliers.  Profit and Sales up substantially with a strong finish to the [...]

Men’s Lifestyle Brand Online Business – $225,000 – SOLD

Nine-year-old men’s lifestyle online publisher with over 1,800+ original articles written by a team of freelance writers generating $71,000+ in 2016 annual revenue, with 2017 trending to have 60% YoY growth showing $57,000+ in just the past six months. The website provides lifestyle-related topics from travel and life advice to style [...]

Student Writing Services Ecommerce Store – $275,000 – SOLD

Well established, 6 year old online writing services ecommerce store that connects students with professional researchers, editors and proofreaders to assist them with study guides, research reports and written articles.  The company has 4 employees who work remotely that handle all aspects of the business including sales, project management, managing [...]

Natural Health Products Ecommerce Store – $315,000 – SOLD

Six year old ecommerce business markets over 64,000 products. Products offered include Bulk Herbs, Natural Foods, Spices, Teas and Coffees, Bath and Body, Extracts, Aromatherapy and more. 100% of the orders are drop shipped! Company is an exceptional acquisition opportunity in the natural health products space. Competitive advantage and success is [...]

Health & Wellness Brand eCommerce Business – $350,000 – SOLD

Well established, 5 year old online retailer and manufacture of nutritional supplements with a main focus on sleep support supplements. Average order value of $30. 100% of orders utilizing FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Good standing relationships with 3 suppliers. Current operation requires just an internet connection and can be operated anywhere in the [...]

Unique Gifts & Wedding Favors eCommerce Store – 1,025,000 – SOLD

13 year old premier online retailer of gifts and wedding favors industry offering over 9,900 different products.  Extremely strong keyword rich domain names with an average order size over $80.   100% of orders Drop Shipped!  98% of orders placed online and 2% over the phone.  Good standing relationship with 30 suppliers and manufactures.  The owner of [...]

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