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Beauty Products Subscription Box eCommerce Business $1,150,000 – SOLD

Well established, 4-year-old, Subscription Box eCommerce Business focusing on beauty and cosmetics products.  Over $11,000,000 total in sales and $2,000,000 profit over the past 4 years!  Strong, easy to remember domain name.  Average order size is $68.  100% orders are fulfilled from 3rd party fulfillment center.  Approximately 250,000+ customers in database.  Diversified sales generation model with [...]

Online Government Filing Services Business – SBA Pre-Approved – $445,000 – SOLD

Established 2-year-old online service-based company offering government document preparation services.  Extremely strong keyword rich domain names with an average order size over $449.  The owners of the company work 5 to 15 hours per week managing the operation.  All other operational activities handled by 1 full-time employee and 1 part time [...]

Full Service Online Marketing Company – $895,000 – SOLD

10 year old search engine marketing company with approximately 115 clients in multiple verticals.  Services offered include SEO, Paid Media, Creative, Social and Lead Generation marketing.  The 2owners manage new business opportunities and overall business strategy with all other operational activities handled by 6 full time employees and 2 part time employees.  [...]

Pool and Spa eCommerce Store – $495,000 — SOLD

Nine year old ecommerce business offers a wide selection of pool parts and accessories such as filters, cleaners, heaters, motors, lights, blowers, heat pumps, waterfalls and covers. Business offers over 8,000 different products.  High sales volume, strong repeat customer base driven by strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain names. [...]

Credit Reporting, Repair & Debt Elimination Internet Business – $795,000 – SOLD

Well established, US based 15 year old financial services company offering educational content on credit and debt information.This business has a strong, repeat user base. The website provides advice, blogs, articles, videos and forums across over 500 pages of website content and over 175,000 indexed pages in Google with strong search [...]

Online Training Development Services Provider – $350,000 — SOLD

Well established, 4 year old company that provides e-learning development services to help corporations convert their training materials to high quality, cost effective e-learning courses that engage participants and meet learning objectives. Business is a low-cost provider offering instructional design for existing company training focusing on Fortune 100 clients.  Average order [...]

Pet Supply eCommerce Store – $695,000 – SOLD

Three-year old eCommerce company with strong product portfolio markets a wide range of pet products including natural pet foods & treats, cat & dog supplies, bird supplies, small animal products, reptile supplies, and aquarium supplies; 1,500 SKUs on website . 25% in-house fulfillment, 30% just in time delivery, and 45% drop [...]

Search Engine Marketing Company – 250 registered domains – $325,000 – SOLD

Eight-year old search engine marketing company with approximately 250 registered domains, a proprietary tracking application, and a well documented knowledge base. Most of the approximately 250 registered domains are either fully-developed web sites or properties that forward to client web sites via a server-side re-direct. These web properties have been developed [...]

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