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Women’s Lifestyle Brand Online Business – $100,000 – SOLD

Eight year old women’s lifestyle online publisher with over 2,000+ original articles written by a team of 20+ volunteer columnists generating $59,000+ in 2015 annual revenue. An engaged social media presence of 21,000+ combined Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. followers and a newsletter list of 11,000+ subscribers with an offshore, part-time managing editor from [...]

Unique Gifts & Wedding Favors eCommerce Store – 1,025,000 – SOLD

13 year old premier online retailer of gifts and wedding favors industry offering over 9,900 different products.  Extremely strong keyword rich domain names with an average order size over $80.   100% of orders Drop Shipped!  98% of orders placed online and 2% over the phone.  Good standing relationship with 30 suppliers and manufactures.  The owner of [...]

Baby & Toddler Products Ecommerce Store – $450,000 – SOLD

Nine year old ecommerce business that offers a wide selection of mid-to-premium baby and toddler products including strollers, car seats, diaper bags, toys and personal care items. High average order value of $320.  Products are marketed via the main online storefront with 98% of orders processed online and 2% over the phone. Easy to remember and keyword [...]

Baby & Children’s Furnishings eCommerce Store – $500,000 – SOLD

10 year old premier online retailer of high-end, heirloom-quality children’s furniture, art, rugs, lighting, décor, gifts and baby gear. Strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain names. High sales volume with strong 40% repeat customer base. Established online reputation, featured in many well know publications. 46,000 base product SKUs with [...]

Home Healthcare eCommerce Business – $3,125,000 – SOLD

6 year old eCommerce business that sells a variety of home healthcare and rehabilitation items, as well as personal care products.  Over 6,500 SKUs sold via 2 main online storefronts.  92% dropshipped, 8% of items stocked in house using a 1,000 sq ft area. Completely automated backend that is fully integrated with top [...]

Damage Proof Glass eCommerce Store – $60,000 – SOLD

A 5-year old, niche business offering bulletproof window film to protect glass windows from impact caused by bullets, burglaries, natural disasters and more. Average order size is over $900 and business is 100% drop shipped. Owner spends approximately 3 hours per week managing the operation. In addition business is marketed through [...]

Educational Toys eCommerce Store – $90,000 – SOLD

Nine year old ecommerce business that offers a wide selection of specialty toy products featuring high-quality, safe and fun toys for kids age newborn to 12 years. 2,000+ SKUs available during holiday peak, 800 currently active.  Average order value is currently $25 with 15% repeat customers.  85% orders fulfilled internally, 14% [...]

Emergency Preparedness & Survival eCommerce Store – $699,000 — SOLD

A 10-year old, market-niche leader that offers a wide variety of survival and preparedness equipment including: Food Supply, Energy (Solar & Stored Power), Water Filters, Survival Shelters & Survival Gear. Over 1,200 SKUs available with 90% of orders drop shipped.  Average order size is $155.  Good standing relationship with 25 suppliers.  [...]

Vitamin & Nutritional Supplement eCommerce Store – $1,500,000 – SOLD

Seven year old ecommerce business offers a wide selection of vitamins, supplements, beauty products, pet care and grocery items. Offering over 35,000 different products across more than 1,500 brands.  Strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain name.  High sales volume, 20% repeat customer base. 99% of orders use a just [...]

Credit Reporting, Repair & Debt Elimination Internet Business – $795,000 – SOLD

Well established, US based 15 year old financial services company offering educational content on credit and debt information.This business has a strong, repeat user base. The website provides advice, blogs, articles, videos and forums across over 500 pages of website content and over 175,000 indexed pages in Google with strong search [...]

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