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Online Home Care Provider Licensing Consulting Business – $325,000 – SOLD

Well established, 12-year-old business that delivers training and consulting on development, operations and obtaining certification for home care providers.  The company offers 2 programs ranging from $2,700 to $8,995.   No certifications are required to run the business.  Business is currently home based with a virtual employee staff on an as needed basis. [...]

Online Mobile App Marketing Company – $400,000 – SOLD

2 year old Mobile App Marketing Company offering 10 different product packages. Strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain name with high sales volume and strong repeat customer base. Over 10+ different marketing packages to choose from with average order size is $229.52.  The owner of the company and his [...]

Career Writing Services eCommerce Store – $265,000 – SOLD

Well established, 7 year old company that creates custom resumes, CV’s, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and personal statements with a goal to help interview candidates stand out and get noticed among employers and recruiters across the globe.  The company of two full-time contractors offers resume packages, and additional a la carte [...]

Vitamin & Nutritional Supplement eCommerce Store – $195,000 – SOLD

Eight year old ecommerce business offers over 4,000 different nutrition products including muscle building supplements, anti-aging, sexual enhancement and weight loss products to the U.S. and international customers. Strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain name, coupon incentives and offering hard to find products contribute to this business’ overall success.  [...]

Hobby Products eCommerce Store – $200,000 – SOLD

15 year old ecommerce business offering a wide selection of radio controlled vehicles, plastic models, slot cars, model railroading, educational science kits, model rocketry, dicast collectibles and more.  Extremely relevant, high value domain names. Over 50,000 different products offered; one of the largest selections available online.  Average order size is $75 [...]

Designer Shoes and Accessories eCommerce Store – $650,000 – SOLD

Eight year old ecommerce business markets over 400 different shoes and accessories for each season. Sales up 66% with strong profitability. Business has a strong, easy to remember domain name, high sales volume, strong & loyal customer base, and exclusive, white label brand only available at the ecommerce store. Diversified sales [...]

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