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Luxury Beauty & Skincare eCommerce Store – $1,250,000 – SOLD

Six year old ecommerce business markets over 1,750 products via website; Amazon & eBay stores. Products offered include a wide selection of high-end skin care & beauty products.  Average order size is $90.  Over 30,0000 customers available for marketing. Products are shipped throughout the U.S. and internationally.  Customer demographics include females [...]

Medical Supplies Ecommerce Store – $315,000 – SOLD

Twenty-three year old business offering a wide selection of home medical equipment, emergency call systems, and more. Products offered make everyday life easier for people who are either simply aging or who have a medical condition. Over 185 different products. Business offers best in class customer service, product specials and price [...]

Emergency Preparedness & Survival eCommerce Store – $699,000 — SOLD

A 10-year old, market-niche leader that offers a wide variety of survival and preparedness equipment including: Food Supply, Energy (Solar & Stored Power), Water Filters, Survival Shelters & Survival Gear. Over 1,200 SKUs available with 90% of orders drop shipped.  Average order size is $155.  Good standing relationship with 25 suppliers.  [...]

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