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Organic Products for Mom, Moms-to-be and Babies eCommerce Store – $125,000 – SOLD

2 year old, ecommerce subscription based healthy living business focusing on safe and non-toxic products exclusively for moms, moms-to-be and babies.  Offering a membership subscription service to introduce moms in the US and Canada to healthy, natural and organic products,this business currently maintains a 95% retention rate of loyal membership and [...]

Pool and Spa eCommerce Store – $495,000 — SOLD

Nine year old ecommerce business offers a wide selection of pool parts and accessories such as filters, cleaners, heaters, motors, lights, blowers, heat pumps, waterfalls and covers. Business offers over 8,000 different products.  High sales volume, strong repeat customer base driven by strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain names. [...]

International Health & Wellness eCommerce Store – $1,200,000 – SOLD

Twelve year old ecommerce business that offer over 1,500 different Health related products.  Business offer USA made product to international customers at high profit margins given high demand customer base due to perception that USA products are safe and of high quality.  Business has established itself as a leader in the [...]

Designer Shoes and Accessories eCommerce Store – $650,000 – SOLD

Eight year old ecommerce business markets over 400 different shoes and accessories for each season. Sales up 66% with strong profitability. Business has a strong, easy to remember domain name, high sales volume, strong & loyal customer base, and exclusive, white label brand only available at the ecommerce store. Diversified sales [...]

Sports Collectibles eCommerce Store – $1,100,000 – SOLD

Five-year old eCommerce company markets a wide range of sports memorabilia including baseball, football, and hockey; 1,100 SKUs on website . Business utilizes a very efficient inventory control model . Customer database includes approximately 76,000 names with all contact info; approximately 15% of sales are from repeat customers . Business has [...]

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