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Customized Team Jerseys & Apparel eCommerce Store – $100,000 – SOLD

Well established, 18-year-old ecommerce retailer with a focus on customized team jerseys & apparel for football, hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball, etc.  Very strong, easy to remember domain name.   100% dropship business with over 3,400 products available.  5,000+ customers in database are available for marketing.  Average order size is approximately $700!  Operation requires a [...]

Yoga Clothing Brand eCommerce Business – $210,000 – SOLD

Four-year-old online retailer and manufacturer of yoga clothing.  Over 850 product SKUs available with average order value of $93 retail and $555 wholesale.  Very diversified sales and marketing model.  The business is highly automated from manufacturing, order fulfillment to customer service.  Over 19,000 customers in database with a 50% repeat reorder rate [...]

Guitar Parts eCommerce Store – $130,000 – SOLD

3 year old company offering a wide range of high quality guitar and bass components.  Average order value of $112.  100% of orders utilizing FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).  Vendor relationships in place with top manufacturers in the industry and all accounts are in excellent standing.   Current operation requires just an internet connection and can [...]

Religious Products eCommerce Business – $225,000 – SOLD

Well established, 6 year old ecommerce retailer and manufacture of religious products with a main focus on bible study tools.  Strong, easy to remember domain names.   Average order value of $31.  97% orders are placed online, with 3% placed over the phone. The business is highly automated from manufacturing, order fulfillment to customer service.  Owner works [...]

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