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Organic Health & Wellness Products eCommerce Store

18-year-old eCommerce retailer and wholesaler of organic and natural plant-based health food products with a focus on the Canadian market.  Specializing in hard to find, pure, unaltered foods and supplements with little to no preservatives, excipients, or chemicals.  Offering over 700 different products with average order size of $150 retail [...]

SBA Pre-Qualified – Classic Chevy & GMC Truck Parts eCommerce Business

Online retailer of classic Chevy and GMC truck parts.  Business has well recognized brand in the industry.  14,000 different product SKU’s available with average order value of $100.  50% of orders drop shipped and 50% stocked.  The business is highly efficient from purchasing, marketing, & order fulfillment. Good standing relationships with 300+ suppliers.  [...]

Restaurant Supply eCommerce Business

21-year-old ecommerce business offers a wide variety of restaurant supplies including linens, flatware, tablecloths, supplies, tables, chairs, equipment, etc.  Strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain names.  Average order size is over $325 for products and almost $2,500 for furniture!  80% of orders use a dropship delivery model. Good [...]

Glow & LED Party Products Brand (Under LOI)

15-year-old eCommerce brand offering glow and LED products for festivals, holidays, corporate events, weddings, gender reveal and parties of all types.  Business has well recognized brand offering over 350 unique product SKU’s.  Average order value is approximately $150.00.  100% of inventory is stocked.  Over 30,000 customer accounts available for marketing.  [...]

SBA Pre-Qualified – Collector Coins and Supplies eCommerce Business (Under LOI)

Well established 23-year-old online retailer of collector coins and supplies.  Business has well recognized brand with extremely strong organic rankings.  7,000+ different product SKU’s available with average order value of $79.  75% of orders stocked and 25% of orders just in time delivery.  The business is highly efficient from purchasing, marketing, & [...]

SBA Pre-Qualified – Digital Marketing Agency – $500,000 – SOLD

23 year old digital marketing agency that has built up a strong reputation with paid advertising services. They are a B2B firm mostly focused on the SMB segment providing online marketing services via fixed contract and monthly recurring revenue model.  Average monthly fee is $800 with a client retention rate [...]

Licensed Gifts & Memorabilia eCommerce Store $240,000 – SOLD

SBA financing for existing U.S. business entities. 20+ year old, market-niche leader that offers a wide variety of apparel, collectables, memorabilia and gifts.  Over 2,500 SKUs available with 45% fulfilled internally and 55% drop shipped.   Average order size is $45.  Owner works approximately 20 to 25 hours per week managing the business.   Supplier [...]

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