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Earn a 15% referral fee on every deal you refer to us which is listed and then sold by Acquisitions Direct.

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Does your network include online companies such as eCommerce businesses, SaaS, Amazon FBA, hybrid ventures with a significant online presence, and established brands? With Acquisitions Direct, your network becomes a source of income.

Acquisitions Direct Referral Partners help us identify online businesses looking to potentially sell their business. It’s a great way to both earn money and provide another level of service to your clients.

Our Commission

Earn a 15% referral fee on every deal you refer to us which is listed and then sold by Acquisitions Direct. Our close rate over the past 12 months has been over 92%!

How the Program Works

Refer a business owner that is currently looking to sell their online business, it’s that simple! After the business is sold, you receive a commission. Our average commission paid in 2023 was over $7,600! We will also keep you updated on the progress of the lead during the sales process.

Our Partners

Technology platforms, accountants, lawyers, online marketing companies. associations, service providers, etc

Listing Criteria

The business must be an online business, hybrid venture with a significant online presence or an established brand.  We do not provide brokerage services for brick and mortar storefronts.  The business must be cash flow positive with a value of $250k to $35MM.


This program is subject to the execution of a referral agreement between the referring party and Acquisitions Direct. Participation in this program has certain restrictions which will be discussed and with the referring party and is further specified in the referral agreement. All referrals that list with and are sold by Acquisitions Direct will receive a 15% referral fee on the commission we receive at closing. The 15% referral fee is paid upon the closing taking place and upon the broker’s commission being paid as a part of that closing.

Get started today-it’s easy! Just fill out the contact form below and an Acquisitions Direct representative will contact you with our electronic referral agreement. Once signed you are on your way to start earning money!

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    Why Partner With Us?

    • 90% Close Rate Since Inception

    • We Sell Online Businesses with a value of $250k to $35MM

    • The Oldest Running Online M&A Firm

    • Hundreds of Online Business Sold

    • Unique Boutique Approach to Selling Online Businesses

    • Our Internet Business Brokers Have All Ran And Sold Online Businesses

    What Our Client’s Say!

    Thank you very much for all you did for us. Our company was a very complex business and the other brokers with which we had previously worked never took the time to understand. I commend you on your professionalism and appreciate all your hard work on the sale of our business. I felt as if our Acquisitions Direct broker was an extension of our staff.

    Jessica B., Seattle, WA

    Thank you for your outstanding service and availability through the purchase of my 5th online business. It was great to work with a broker who truly understands ecommerce businesses. Most brokers say they understand online businesses but Acquisitions Direct is the first I have come across that truly does. I strongly recommend your firm to anyone buying a business!

    Glen S., Chicago, IL