Q: How long does it take to complete a valuation on my business?

Our goal is to have the valuation completed in less than 24 hours once we receive all the requested information.  Sometimes the valuation process can take longer than 24 hours if additional industry research needs to be completed or the business has a valuation above $5MM +.  Our goal is to provide the most accurate valuation possible on your business.

Q: What information do you need to do a valuation on my business?

We generally need a three year high level profit and loss statement as well and current year to date financial results. In addition a list of your domains, and a few operational as well as competitive related questions. This information should not take you more than about 30 minutes to develop.

Q: Do you accept all listings?

No, we do not accept all listings.  Some brokers will take all listings but strategically Acquisitions Direct will only take quality listings. We do however take distressed listings from time to time where that distressed business appears to have potential to be turned around by the right buyer. Our firm is noted for offering quality businesses which is substantiated by our high close rate.  

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