Q: Why is your close rate so high?

Our knowledge of the marketplace demands and our experience enable us to promote high quality listings and businesses with potential.  We do not take every listing that approaches us to sell.  We advise our clients to make sure their business is ready for a buyer.  Our selection process, coupled with our experience, help us maintain our high closing percentage.

Q: Do you offer referral fees?

Yes please contact us and we will be happy to discuss our referral program with you. This program is subject to the execution of a referral confirmation agreement between the referring party and Acquisitions Direct. Participation in this program has certain restrictions which will be discussed with the referring party. All referrals that list with Acquisitions Direct are sold by Acquisitions Direct receive a referral fee at time of closing.

Q: Do you co-broker?

We will occasionally co-broker with select highly qualified brokers on specific listings.  Please contact us for more information.

Q: Do you recommend using an escrow company?

An escrow company should be used for all transactions with the exception of those closings handled by the buyer’s lender. Using a third party to handle escrowing buyer funds and conducting the close protects both buyer and seller. When using an escrow company the seller knows they will receive funds upon transferring the business over to the buyer and the buyer knows upon the transfer of funds they will receive ownership to the business they are purchasing.

Q: How long is due diligence?

The due diligence process usually takes from 2 to 4 weeks. The amount of effort and detail involved in the buyer’s review is driven by the complexity of the business and the dollar amount of the transaction.

Q: Can you notify me when new listings become available?

Yes, please fill out the contact us form here and and give us the parameters of businesses you may have interest in. Parameters include industry, approximate range of listing price, SBA financeable, etc. When listings that meet your criteria become available you will be contacted.

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