Health & Wellness Brand eCommerce Business – $350,000 – SOLD

Well established, 5 year old online retailer and manufacture of nutritional supplements with a main focus on sleep support supplements. Average order value of $30. 100% of orders utilizing FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Good standing relationships with 3 suppliers. Current operation requires just an internet connection and can be operated anywhere in [...]

Women’s Lifestyle Brand Online Business – $100,000 – SOLD

Eight year old women’s lifestyle online publisher with over 2,000+ original articles written by a team of 20+ volunteer columnists generating $59,000+ in 2015 annual revenue. An engaged social media presence of 21,000+ combined Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. followers and a newsletter list of 11,000+ subscribers with an offshore, part-time managing editor [...]

Kitchen & Coffee Products eCommerce Brand – $650,000 – SOLD

Well established, 4 year old online retailer focused on developing and third party manufacturing Coffee and Kitchen products to sell through various eCommerce channels.  100% of orders utilizing FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).  Good standing relationships with 10 suppliers.  Vendor contracts can be transferred anywhere within the U.S.  Over 94,000 customers [...]

Unique Gifts & Wedding Favors eCommerce Store – 1,025,000 – SOLD

13 year old premier online retailer of gifts and wedding favors industry offering over 9,900 different products.  Extremely strong keyword rich domain names with an average order size over $80.   100% of orders Drop Shipped!  98% of orders placed online and 2% over the phone.  Good standing relationship with 30 suppliers and manufactures.  The owner [...]

Skin Care eCommerce Store – $595,000 – SOLD

Seven year old ecommerce business markets over 1,400 products via one website; products offered include a wide selection of beauty and high-end skin care products.  Average order size is $124 with approximately 42,500 customers in database. Business has a strong, easy to remember domain name, high sales volume, strong & loyal customer base.  [...]

Baby & Toddler Products Ecommerce Store – $450,000 – SOLD

Nine year old ecommerce business that offers a wide selection of mid-to-premium baby and toddler products including strollers, car seats, diaper bags, toys and personal care items. High average order value of $320.  Products are marketed via the main online storefront with 98% of orders processed online and 2% over the phone. Easy to remember [...]

Niche Glow Products eCommerce Store – $125,000 – SOLD

Ecommerce business offering a wide variety of glow products for driveways, concrete, patios, counter tops, landscaping, jewelry crafts, swimming pools for residential and commercial purposes. Strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain name. Average order value is approximately $119.00. 75% of orders shipped from inventory and 25% just in time shipping. [...]

International Clothing eCommerce Business – $600,000 – SOLD

Well recognized international apparel ecommerce website that offers trendy men’s clothing to a worldwide consumer base at affordable prices.Products offered include hoodies, shirts, sweaters, jackets and more. 100% of orders are drop shipped by supplier. 78,000+ customers in database are available for marketing.  Average order size is approximately $44.  The owners of the [...]

Full Service Online Marketing Company – $895,000 – SOLD

10 year old search engine marketing company with approximately 115 clients in multiple verticals.  Services offered include SEO, Paid Media, Creative, Social and Lead Generation marketing.  The 2owners manage new business opportunities and overall business strategy with all other operational activities handled by 6 full time employees and 2 part time [...]

Cloud Based Real Estate Transaction Management Business – $175,000 – SOLD

B2B real estate transaction management company offering affordable online transaction management & CRM software to real estate professionals. Offers all the functionality needed to fully manage leads and transaction for a professional real estate business. Strong recurring customer base. 4 pricing options with average order value of $51 per month. 90% [...]

Physical Therapy Products eCommerce Store – $150,000 – SOLD

Six year old business offering a wide selection of physical therapy and health related products. Over 680 different products. Most orders are fulfilled using FBA “Fulfillment by Amazon”. Extremely good customer ratings and reviews. Strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain name with trademarks in place. Good standing relationships [...]

Online Mobile App Marketing Company – $400,000 – SOLD

2 year old Mobile App Marketing Company offering 10 different product packages. Strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain name with high sales volume and strong repeat customer base. Over 10+ different marketing packages to choose from with average order size is $229.52.  The owner of the company and [...]

Online Text Message Marketing Company – $320,000 – SOLD

7 year old online text message marketing company offering unlimited messaging at a flat rate. 3 distinct packages. Strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain names with high sales volume and strong repeat customer base. Owner spends less than 3 hours per week running the operations. 1,800 customers in [...]

Baby & Children’s Furnishings eCommerce Store – $500,000 – SOLD

10 year old premier online retailer of high-end, heirloom-quality children’s furniture, art, rugs, lighting, décor, gifts and baby gear. Strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain names. High sales volume with strong 40% repeat customer base. Established online reputation, featured in many well know publications. 46,000 base product SKUs [...]

Performance Car Parts eCommerce Business – $2,200,000 – SOLD

7 year old business that offers performance automotive parts and accessories focused around cars and motorcycles.   75% orders fulfilled via just in time delivery method, 15% of all orders drop shipped, 10% of orders are fulfilled from in-house inventory.  Average order size is $220.  95% orders are placed online, with [...]

Home Healthcare eCommerce Business – $3,125,000 – SOLD

6 year old eCommerce business that sells a variety of home healthcare and rehabilitation items, as well as personal care products.  Over 6,500 SKUs sold via 2 main online storefronts.  92% dropshipped, 8% of items stocked in house using a 1,000 sq ft area. Completely automated backend that is fully integrated with [...]

Damage Proof Glass eCommerce Store – $60,000 – SOLD

A 5-year old, niche business offering bulletproof window film to protect glass windows from impact caused by bullets, burglaries, natural disasters and more. Average order size is over $900 and business is 100% drop shipped. Owner spends approximately 3 hours per week managing the operation. In addition business is marketed [...]

Medical Supplies Ecommerce Store – $315,000 – SOLD

Twenty-three year old business offering a wide selection of home medical equipment, emergency call systems, and more. Products offered make everyday life easier for people who are either simply aging or who have a medical condition. Over 185 different products. Business offers best in class customer service, product specials and [...]

Personal Background Check eCommerce Business – $125,000 – SOLD

17 year old company that specializes in providing public records information for businesses and individuals.  Offers 5 different reports including SSN Trace and Address Search, Judgments, Conviction Records, and Corporate information. Good standing relationship with data suppler.  Vendor contract can be transferred anywhere within the US.  The owner works approximately [...]