Project Description

8 year old business offers small home electronics and appliances. 1200 products ranging from alarm clocks to microwaves using a just in time delivery model for 75% of the business, and a dropship model for the heavier items which are 25% of the business. Average order size of $162.  Easy to remember and keyword rich domain name with strong search engine presence. Good standing relationship with vendors, competitive agreements in place. Business can be transferred anywhere within US. Unique price match calculator for front end user.  Owner works 30 hours per week and has 2 full time and 2 part time employees, with up to 6 employees during Q4 shopping peak. Business development opportunities include: addition of additional products offered by wholesalers/drop shippers, social marketing expansion beyond Facebook and Twitter, creation of an Amazon FBA program and expansion of existing affiliate marketing program. Owner will provide strong transitional support and is selling because of other business interests.