Project Description

Eight-year old search engine marketing company with approximately 250 registered domains, a proprietary tracking application, and a well documented knowledge base. Most of the approximately 250 registered domains are either fully-developed web sites or properties that forward to client web sites via a server-side re-direct. These web properties have been developed in accordance with the company’s search engine optimization principles to drive highly targeted traffic to client web sites via CPC and cost-per-action (CPA) agreements. Traffic volume includes 6.7 million visitors from Forwarding Sites and 240,000 visitors from live sites. The company’s proprietary tracking application was architected by the firm’s principals and developed with the aid of outside vendors. The company owns all rights to the code and the graphical user interface of the application, which has been coded in the Cold Fusion programming language. The company’s knowledge base has been constantly updated to conform to the changes that have occurred within the search engine optimization/marketing industry. This listing is an acquisition opportunity for either an existing Internet or traditional advertising firm. Such firms could integrate the company’s offerings seamlessly into their own service offerings and avoid additional expenses by utilizing existing facilities, equipment and human resources. In addition an existing search engine marketing firm may wish to acquire this company which could substantially increase the scale of the combined operations. Lastly an entrepreneur could acquire this company with the tactical objective of managing the company as a pure earnings generator; theoretically one individual could operate this company based on this scenario. Owners are selling because of other business interests.