Project Description

This business, established eight years ago, specializes in offering saltwater fishing gear and accessories. They are committed to providing the most sought-after products in the industry, including their own branded items. The company boasts a memorable domain name that is both powerful and optimized for search engines. With an extensive inventory of over 3,000 product SKUs and an average order size of $75, customers have plenty of options to choose from. The vendor contracts can be seamlessly transferred anywhere within the United States.

The business has built a substantial customer base, with over 26,000 customers currently available for targeted marketing initiatives. Moreover, the majority of their suppliers (39 out of 41) are based in the United States, ensuring reliable and efficient sourcing processes. The company has implemented a highly automated system that streamlines order fulfillment and customer service operations.

Exciting growth prospects lie ahead, including the expansion of their private label brand and wholesale division. There is also potential for diversification through the addition of complementary products. Furthermore, the business has the opportunity to tap into other prominent online marketplaces like Walmart and eBay. As a turn-key business, the new owner(s) will inherit a fully operational business. The owner is committed to providing strong transitional support tailored to the specific needs of the buyer.