Project Description

7 year old online text message marketing company offering unlimited messaging at a flat rate. 3 distinct packages. Strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain names with high sales volume and strong repeat customer base. Owner spends less than 3 hours per week running the operations. 1,800 customers in marketing database. 100% of orders are processed over the Internet. Approximately 10 square feet needed to operate business. Business is marketed through diversified revenue channels with 40% from search engines, 50% from PPC and 10% from direct traffic. Strong search engine rankings with many keywords listed on the first page of all major search engines. Wide variety of firms make up the user demographic. Strong growth opportunities include: additional PPC Marketing, creation of an aggressive email marketing campaign to current database, B2B Social Marketing, affiliate marketing campaigns and offline marketing campaigns. Strong transitional support will be provided to the new owner. Owner is selling to focus on unrelated business activities.