Project Description

Six-year old eCommerce company markets and distributes a wide range of Nutritional and Personal Care products from leading manufactures. It also maintains its own branded line of products. Previous Year Revenue was up +33% and EBIT is up +39%. This company markets its products via 3 web sites and attracts customers from around the world; presently ships to 41 countries and is a Top Service Yahoo! Shopping Network store. This excellent and independently verified award establishes the Company as a real and credible eCommerce site. A strong network of vendor relationships allows the Company to use “just-in-time” inventory to offer over 10,000 items for sale while stocking very few. Inventory is managed on a “just-in-time” basis as orders are placed with vendors each day and delivered the next morning. This system results in very efficient order fulfillment and minimal operational expenses. The Customer base is extensive with over 50,000 individuals and all Customer data is held off-site thru Yahoo and is independently verifiable. This business has excellent market expansion opportunities amid a growing eCommerce economy; according to “The Natural Foods Merchandiser”: The nutritional products marketplace is over $8 Billion, yet just $400 million is purchased online. Internet sales are currently experiencing the highest growth rate with annual sales growing over 20% per year. This company is a logical acquisition for an existing Nutritional and Personal Care eCommerce or brick and mortar company, as well as an entrepreneur looking for a new eCommerce business with strong profit margins, excellent diversification, low operating expenses, and very strong market expansion opportunities. This business is home based and can be easily relocated. Owner is selling because of other business interests.