Project Description

Twelve year old ecommerce business that offer over 1,500 different Health related products.  Business offer USA made product to international customers at high profit margins given high demand customer base due to perception that USA products are safe and of high quality.  Business has established itself as a leader in the industry with attractive, feature-rich websites that have demonstrated tremendous staying power during economic downturns, proving to be a stable, high rewarding, recession proof business with many opportunities for growth in the future.  Business drives in sales from 20+ internationally focused domains. All sites include language and currency conversion. The business uses 750 suppliers and ships internationally. This ecommerce business owns strong, easy to remember and keyword rich domain names with a high sales volume.  Current value of the business does not stem from the skills of the current owner.  Success of the business is generated by the business processes in place, supplier relationships, and current position in the global marketplace. The business provides new owner(s) with a complete turn-key business with multiple storefronts.  The seller will provide strong transitional support with side by side, hands on daily management with new owner(s) to insure that the new owners feel totally comfortable with operation of the business.