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Why Use an Escrow Agent When You Sell Your Internet Business?

When an Internet business is sold, the closing process in many cases is not managed effectively; it is not facilitated in a way that minimizes both the seller’s and buyer’s risk. When a business owner makes the decision to sell a business their ultimate objective is to transfer ownership of that business to a new owner and to receive from that new owner the agreed to amount of consideration or dollars.  It’s simple, on a specific date the closing takes place and at that closing documents are signed, information is communicated, and money changes hands.  The seller’s objective is to [...]

My Small Internet Business Has Big Potential

Every business owner knows that no matter how great their business is, there is always room for improvement.  When you own a business you are often faced with decisions that mean you are investing your time and money into certain aspects of the business, leaving the door open for opportunity.  When it comes time to sell your business, this is marketed as the “potential”. At Acquisitions Direct, our brokers are often faced with this question from our buyers, “If the business you are selling has big potential, why hasn’t the current owner been able to develop the potential?”.  The specific [...]

Why Buy an Online Business Rather than Start One from Scratch?

At one point or another in your professional career, you have probably dreamed of owning your own online business, but the daunting thought of starting a company may have made you postpone the idea. It’s true: starting a business is a huge undertaking, intellectually, emotionally, and financially. Not to mention the risk—70 percent of startup companies will have failed after only five years. But there is a way you may be able to have the luxury of being your own boss and living your dream without having to start an online company from scratch; you can buy an online business. [...]

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